Cloth Insignia

Cloth Insignia

At Phoenix Militaria we have a range of Military Cloth Insignia available for sale. Please see below for our up to date stock list. On our site you can browse and then please contact us to arrange purchase or to meet at a fair.

    • ci01

      ci01–Luftwaffe Flak Shoulder Insignia.


      Matching Pair of Luftwaffe Flak Gunners ,NCO shoulder Straps insignia ,bullion cord added for rise in rank. Reverse side of…

    • ci02

      ci02— SS Regulation Tie ,


      SS Regulation Tie  ,Tie has the black RZM Label ,  a Complete view of the SS tie and also the…

    • ci02

      ci03–German NCO Artillery Insignia.


      German Artillery Officers Shoulder Boards,matching. View of the Back of the Artillery Shoulder Boards.

    • ci04



      2 German Wartime Medal Ribbon Bars ,each one 45 pounds ,

    • ci04

      ci05 —Assorted Medal Ribbon Bars,


      German Wartime Assorted Campaign Medal Ribbon Bars, prices from 10 too 20 pound.

    • ci06—HJ Armband ,


      An  HJ  Armband in cotton which is a three piece construction in cotten ,regulation size with the Salt and Pepper…

    • ci07

      ci07..—-Vietnamese Communist Armband,


      A Communist Vietnamese Armband in 1960s War period.hand stitching in cotton,price 75 pounds  , close up detail of the Vietnamese…

    • ci08

      ci08—Kriegsmarine Musician Cuff Band.


      Kriegsmarine,German Navy Musicians Full Cuff Band,,the Marine Sleeve Patch  has since been sold, also image of the  Reverse side of…

    • ci09

      ci09—NSDAP Gauleiter Armband


      A very rare Deputy Gauleiter Political full Armband in very fine condition ,1940 pattern ,nice hand stitch centre,red bullion…

    • ci10— VolkSsturm Armband,


      Volkssturm wartime armband in cotton , worn by civil defence Formations ,slightly faded through wear but original , over all…

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